12oz Eco Biodegradeable Takeaway Cups (1x500)


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Are your Eco bio-cups Recyclable & Biodegradable?

Yes, our Eco Bio Cups are 100% recyclable and biodegradeable, it can be directly fed into a pulper and can be used to make recycled paper or compostable in an industrial composter and even in-home compost.

So, does that mean you can throw the bio cups in your garden and it degrades naturally?

Yes, just bury it in your garden or in your flowerpot or wherever you have wet soil and check after 30 days. You won't find any residue - as per international standards a product is termed as biodegradable if it degrades up to 90% in 6 months' time.

How can I check if your Eco Bio Bups are recyclable at home and that ordinary plastic cups are not?

Just immerse it in water for 72 hours and you could peel off the LDPE lining from the inner wall of the plastic cup, whereas our Eco Bio Cups you won't get any films or you could put the cup in any acid as plastic won't dissolve in acid.


Are your Eco Bio Cups food safe?

Yes our Eco Bio Cups are food safe and migration test conducted by internationally accreditation agencies certifies the same.


Are your Eco Bio cups microwavable?

Yes our Eco Bio Cups are microwavable safe and migration test conducted.

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